Who is Manuel Christian Maurer?

When I started working as an actor and singer after my musical studies in 1996, I thought I had found my dream job. However, during my time on stage, I kept feeling drawn to a completely different field: Healing, Alternative Medicine, Psychosomatics. Since the unlimited possibilities of psychosomatics as well as energy and frequency work excited me, I decided in 2009 to leave the stage behind and dedicate myself fully to therapy work. I quickly discovered and developed my skills in the therapeutic field: I completed various trainings in hypnotherapy, medical biomagnetism and energetic healing. In 2010, I successfully completed the examination to become a psychotherapeutic non-medical practitioner before the Berlin-Lichtenberg Health Department. Since the year 2017 I have been working with the TimeWaver. The innovative quantum technology has lifted my therapy work to a new dimension of efficiency: With the TimeWaver, not only can mental and emotional blockages be made holistically visible, but they can also be effectively balanced. With the TimeWaver I have already conducted over 2000 personal sessions and helped countless people to more self-confidence, health, joy of life and wealth. I would like to help you, too, to get rid of your inner, subconscious ballast! Contact me for your individual session.

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